I give

Dear Editors,

Please find below one poem for your consideration.

I believe this poem
suits you very well.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Andrew J. Jones


I saw the atlantic ocean today
The pastry shop burned
The other pastry shop closed
The other pastry shop’s
Next to the pastry shop we go to

It wasn’t so windy today
Trees ejaculate this time of year
Their sperm goes everywhere
So aside from washing all your clothes
You’ll have to hoover
People don’t pick up their dog shit

pray to god
each morning
denounce him
every night

someone threw
a banana peel
on Tzara's grave

Now You See It Now You You Don't

Hey Lee where you at
I dreamed about the dead
You weren’t there

twenty lies a day

summary of failures

i have not reproduced
will not be to blame