every where

she is

every here

I am


old philosophers

are tired

of God's

heard enough

C +

Two friends on the phone, A in Portugal, C in Denmark.

A to be read in a flat United States English

C to be read by a native Danish speaker with an English accent to his English

A: I've been here five years by myself

C: Oh, well, then you're really weird

A: (laughter) yeah man, I'm really fuckin weird

C: (laughter)

() to be read aloud

You can't feel good too long

calm like you could do anything

need that one

sting that stems from another


(quick inhale with mouth) after week

a pain shifting

(quick inhale with nose)

(hand gestures from region to region)

from your groin to your back to your chest to your throat

you breath deeply

(long inhale and exhale)

take over the counter remedies

reminding yourself it's



then you feel good again

you drink and smoke a lot

(smiling) hoping

to feel like shit again in the morning