according to bank records

i travel between Amsterdam 

and Lisbon many times

in 2008

trapped inside by an episode cevenol

killing time reading obituaries


She was a Niederdorfstrasse stripper

I bought champagne we drank

She spoke English  she said

I have  something special for you

the next night i went back I waited

halfway down the street I heard her

calling where are going come back


i was in the beginning

centuries came before me

i learned but was always 

who i was born and when


you ruined it

no poetry

When we got to Edam

There was a goat at the gate

Chained to a post a little

Dog house for shelter

We had lunch it started to rain

live until

you die

my friend 

said then

almost died

lives now

until he's


Another Letter From A Friend

I'll be fine.

My Dr. figured out what my problem is 

and why unprovoked blood clots are happening to me.

It's nice to know I'll be walking down the street or doing something 

and I'll just drop dead from a stroke.


will i be ok

i think you'll be ok

this feels amazing

i can't believe you're doing this

i love you

i love you too

i just want to see you smile

dead or

in jail

hey lee

little's changed

still hungry

it looks like no one lives here

thoughts are dust

written more dust


very few


I've met

man alive

no one listens

man dead

no one learns

consider yourself lucky

if you're bored

most importantly 

stop the bleeding

Cappy Jack was killed

by a dormant Vietnamese

river parasite


one night at the 420 Cafe

he told me believe nothing

you hear little of what you see

life is about masterpieces

Gianni told me

life is a tragedy

his daughter killed

in a crash coming home

from a club in Italy

his son drowned surfing

in India

The Italian government

took his passport

I sent an email for him

asking for reprieve 

no reply


years later

we had dinner

on the Nieuwmarkt 

now he's dead

natural causes


We are gods

The earth is 



Jeannie's been dead

for a year and a half

I can't imagine her

sitting outside the gallery

in the sun getting high

 little to say

Prayer And Prozac

no one 


when mother 


a scissored 


by her