jeff got old

quick in Cascais

the hills the sea

the constant sun

days go fast

when you're nowhere

and you know it

Cappy Jack was killed

by a  Vietnamese

river parasite

he told me 

believe nothing

that you hear little

of what you see

don't let me let them 

torture me before I die

you'd think I'd learned

death is cheap and easy

 King Of Nothing

there was so much to do

so we didn't do anything

we sat for years

some still on a terrace

somewhere in Amsterdam

in the cold and rain in the sun

talking shit about nothing

there was little to do

 King Of Nothing

life is about masterpieces

for years

i sat hours and hours

on the terrace reading

writing listening

i'm sitting now 

in a tiny room 

in france drinking

nowhere else 

i can think of

after dinner drunk and stoned

we danced in the dark heat

southern france

Jeannie Janne Rico Christine

Rita and me never again 

will there be anyone like us

all the years on Koningsstraat

all the new year's eve's on the Nieuwmarkt

running out into the smoke

I felt all the dead there is to feel 

all the dead that ever lived

Gianni told me

life is a tragedy

his daughter killed

in a crash coming home

from a club in Italy

his son drowned surfing

in India

The Italian government

took his passport

I sent an email for him

asking for reprieve 

no reply


years later

we had dinner

on the Nieuwmarkt 

now he's dead

natural causes

the tour de France

starts tomorrow


We are gods

The earth is 


there was so much to do

so we didn't do anything



Jeannie's been dead

for a year and a half

I can't imagine her

sitting on a bench

outside the gallery

in the sun getting high

 little to say

Prayer And Prozac

No one 


When mother