Heidegger said
Spend more time
In graveyards
So I moved to Portugal

Aren't We Fortunate

Lee Bridges
nine years dead
nine years dead

lookin at you now
you ain't dead
you never dead

had they not so many
so many would die

All day it became
Now I’m tired
Tomorrow no doubt's
All day's morning

Come my love
Let’s grow fat
And die
Church and state
We’ve enough
Let’s go fat
Stupid and die

For Tom Frampton

If I was Tom Frmapton
I’d be Tom Framoton
I knew a Tom Framton
He was called Tom Framtopn
Rightly so because he was Tim Fromton
From Fishkill

easy to disappear
pledge no allegiance

Letter From A Friend

As for me, everything is damaged and i honestly feel like i’m lost.
Been wondering about suicide, heroin...
Came to the conclusion that many things don’t make any sense and that maybe nothing is the way i thought about it.
Got accidentely pregnant, and when i found out it was too late to abort .
Lost my dog.
Lost my house and for 3 weeks i’ve been living in a friends car...

Anyways, sometimes i think that none of this is really real and that at some point i will eventually wake up.